Photo Guide

Beautiful collages begin with quality pet photos. Here are some guidelines to help you capture your dog or cat perfectly in the pictures you send us.

Bright light

Choose photos captured in natural daylight or well-lit indoor spaces.

Avoid filtered images

Steer clear of filtered images to maintain the authentic coloring of your pet.

Photo format

If you want to use a single pet photo for each collage letter, choose pictures with a vertical portrait format. To create a collage with a single pet photo, opt for horizontal landscape formatting.

Center of Attention

Make sure your pet is positioned in the middle of the photo for maximum visibility. Try to avoid pictures with your pet off to the side or in the corner.

Letter shape

Pay attention to the shape of the letters in your dog or cat’s name. If your pet’s name has many thin letters, such as "LILI," you can use a few extra tips to ensure your collage looks amazing. Choose portrait images that are slightly zoomed out, with your pet directly in the center. Also, try to take the picture on the same level as your pet. And don’t worry, if we have any doubts, we will contact you and help you capture the perfect photos of your pet! 

Similar photo backgrounds

It's best to have photos with similar backgrounds to create the most aesthetically pleasing collage. For example, the images could all have nature backgrounds, or they could all be taken inside your home. Avoid choosing photos with wildly different color tones, such as your pet lounging on a vibrant beach towel versus curled up on your beige sofa.

High image resolution

Use your smartphone or a high-quality camera to capture every precious detail of your pet.

Upload 1-2 extra photos

Feel free to upload a couple of extra photos so we can select the ones that look best when we craft your custom collage.


Sizes we offer

Whether you're looking for the centerpiece of your gallery wall or a smaller piece of art to show off your statement shelf, we've got you covered!